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Then stepped off the edge of the marble walkway, and dove through the sea of clouds beneath those golden towers. It’s peaceful here, quiet, so intimate. 🌚

He fell on wings of feather and fire, and moment by moment that perfect light faded behind him until that light was gone, and he was alone in the misty void.
We are deep in our little bubble. It’s peaceful here, quiet, so intimate.
Today he was a warrior, falling to earth to smote the wicked.
The thick grey clouds choke the moonlight intermittently, as I watch from under the sparse trees.
Even in free fall though, the first hints of light beneath him were only just starting to glow dully beneath him.
When he finally broke though those final clouds and spread his wings for the first time, he took in the lay of the land from the world beneath him that lay unfurled like a map.🌛🌜
It’s when I close my eyes that my world truly comes alive.
The colours are brighter. The sounds are louder.
I can almost feel my heart beating out of my chest...
I think about it all... It’s so dark here. I concentrate on the sounds.
The stars explode in my eyes. It’s the pain that makes me feel most alive.
I deeply inhale. Just being close to him.
His main wings each stretched almost nine feet as he set them against the wind.
This allowed him to soar even in this thin air while his much smaller secondary wings beat hard to speed him up.
A very large, terrifying, horned giant. looking into my eyes.
The soothing sensations passed the time while his wings brought him ever closer.
Seeing the glint of excitement in his eyes. I am like a creature.
The pain is harsh. It radiated off him in waves; I could feel it. You do not escape unscathed.
It isn’t that easy to break. In perfect control.
I take His punishments! The more I struggle and fight.
Thinking it's all up to me. They were real. It feels so liberating to live in the moment as much as I can. That's when life flows!

Thank you for all these soft, sweet things you have left behind.