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What Am I?

A monster?

I didn't mean to break your heart.

I'm not used to such fragile things,

in my hands, the blood dried,

it slowly stopped beating.

In between my shakey fingers slipped the love..

the love died.

A liar?

I could never tell a fib to that beautful face.

And even if I could, I would always leave a trace of honesty.

I couldn't live with myself if you knew my intentions.

Because, I'm not even sure of my intentions.

Every day I walk the same hallways

waiting for a change.

A change of heart,

a change of pace.

Someone new to make my heart race.

Optimism fading as I walk endlessly,

Looking for someone to replace you.

No matter how much I hate you,

and how much you disappoint me,

I'm always dying for your touch.

I know if I could, I'd follow you until the end of time.

But I guess that just isn't enough to impress you.

I'll be okay.

Pathetically watching the sky dim to a gray.

I can't tell what I'm feeling.


Craving attention?

Something to distract me from the pain.

I need to fall in love with a new face.

I need a new name to cry when I'm alone.

I need that,

But I want you.

In the end,

I know what I am.

In love.
GoThiC_RoMaNcE so nice poem i like it