Poem Comments


I never wanted to start this, but now we’ll see who’s the smartest
Remembering what my part is, Trying not to be heartless
I could hit the bullseye but I forgot where the dart is
Still managing to escalate the farthest, I may not be the sharpest
Yet I study every thesaurus, I’ll always try my hardest
Got so much drive inside but forgot where the car is
Because I was a different person last time I parked it
I realized what road I was on, got out and darted
Left it all behind, I was infectiously reckless
An omen that forgot his presence was a bunch of hexes
A killer that wears blood on his chest like a necklace
I thank God every day for all the protection
I was such a rageful creature feeding on aggression
They were trying to cage a bull against his own reflection
I became savable the day I started confessing
Hurting ones I loved was never my intention
I’m so grateful for getting pushed in the right direction
From here on out it is non-stop ascension
So I thank you all for all of my progression
Far too many people on this list to mention
If you think it might be you, then there’s no question
Every mistake we make is just a learning lesson
So if you ever need me you have my full attention
We’ll work on anything until we hit perfection
Omen_Estacado I think we all have in our lives.
Trappernicus “infectiously reckless” So who have you infected with your recklessness 🐀