Omen_Estacado's Poetry

OD on BS

The majority of this world has become repulsive
Reach for the beat, find where the pulse is
We fall off our feet from all the indulgence
Another overdose of all the fucking bullshit
Kobe’s chopper went down, it becomes so catastrophic
I understand how death can be a sad topic
But all these posts that I see, you people need to stop it
We got soldiers dying overseas, what is your logic?
I don’t see posts or tweets or much to acknowledge
People fighting for our country, getting they’re shots in
Not like Kobe on tv, in the NBA or back in college
This whole world is hung on a tree, like an apple rotten

Or a junkie in the bathroom shooting oxycodone
Pulling himself to the toilet just so he can vomit
I feel like that when all these posts make me nauseous
Before I overdose on bullshit I have to be cautious

Write it down, or type it out, it’s time for a plot twist
Let’s talk about celebrity deaths, let’s be brutally honest
Chester Bennington’s suicide was far from modest
Six kids are now growing up all fatherless
“In the end” his musical messages didn’t matter
They died when he kicked, the table, stool, or ladder
Six kids abandoned, family, and fans, can it get sadder?
One of the most selfish human acts, what a disaster
I can only hope God was still his master
He is the creator to which that man has to answer
I understand that depression spreads like cancer
Having no one that loves you is an enhancer

I can’t comprehend how someone with everything ends himself
Now he is just a picture or a voice on a shelf
Playing hangman should be a word game played with someone else
Not a belt around your neck while you hang by yourself


I never wanted to start this, but now we’ll see who’s the smartest
Remembering what my part is, Trying not to be heartless
I could hit the bullseye but I forgot where the dart is
Still managing to escalate the farthest, I may not be the sharpest
Yet I study every thesaurus, I’ll always try my hardest
Got so much drive inside but forgot where the car is
Because I was a different person last time I parked it
I realized what road I was on, got out and darted
Left it all behind, I was infectiously reckless
An omen that forgot his presence was a bunch of hexes
A killer that wears blood on his chest like a necklace
I thank God every day for all the protection
I was such a rageful creature feeding on aggression
They were trying to cage a bull against his own reflection
I became savable the day I started confessing
Hurting ones I loved was never my intention
I’m so grateful for getting pushed in the right direction
From here on out it is non-stop ascension
So I thank you all for all of my progression
Far too many people on this list to mention
If you think it might be you, then there’s no question
Every mistake we make is just a learning lesson
So if you ever need me you have my full attention
We’ll work on anything until we hit perfection

Omen Of Darkness

I finished a poem about Eminem releasing darkness supporting gun control

Here I am sitting back with my lost passion
I used to write, well what happened
I work at a saw mill and I’m nailing pallets
Then I’m lifting weights until I hit the mattress
What did he say? Hold on I can’t have this
Fucking Mr. Mathers talking like his message matters
Releasing a new track well his shit just splattered
It’s called Darkness now the window shatters
The glass house he lives in fucking makes it sadder
You wrote a song about the Las Vegas shooting
You realize the power that you're abusing?
Your need to hold on is so amusing
Fuck celebrities and their political viewings
Shut the fuck up when it comes to guns you’re the expert
Stick to beating your wife in your next exert
OMEN OF DARKNESS is here to give a lecture
Stand up no, sit down it’s my pleasure
I can’t believe you went to this desperate measure
You're a "terrible lie" just ask Trent Reznor
You deserve 27 F-5s from Brock Lesnar
Calling yourself the homosexual dissector
Then supporting gay marriage, far from clever
I have the endeavor to sever your vocal cords with a bladed feather
Rip your skin off and sell the leather
I won't even give you an E for effort
I'd force-feed crushed glass with extacy until you're deader
Than every fucking person killed in foul weather
I'm the real Darkness stamp on every letter