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Sally's Decision

NOTE: This is inspired loosely off of the point of view of the character Sally Stitches' opinion of what happened in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lamplike eyes light up the night,
As you travel through the door of the festive season.
You don't realsise, the mistake you're making dear friend.
You don't realise the catastrophe that will entail.
You don't realise that your melancoly of bieng the Pumpkin King.
That we will all suffer for what you have done.
Here, as I stitch my wrist back together and try to put the autumn leaves back inside my arm,
I realise; I may not agree with you – but, I shall help you.
And so, into my lab.
Up in my tower with my cauldron bubbling,
Not caring what Dr. Finklestien will say.
Frog's Breath to mask the sleeping decay I shall put him under.
Matters not what you have said, and what I will do to help.
I'm here. I'm here to hold your skeletal hand,
I have always been here Jack…
But, I don't think you understand.