CountessofKindness's Poetry

Sally's Decision

NOTE: This is inspired loosely off of the point of view of the character Sally Stitches' opinion of what happened in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lamplike eyes light up the night,
As you travel through the door of the festive season.
You don't realsise, the mistake you're making dear friend.
You don't realise the catastrophe that will entail.
You don't realise that your melancoly of bieng the Pumpkin King.
That we will all suffer for what you have done.
Here, as I stitch my wrist back together and try to put the autumn leaves back inside my arm,
I realise; I may not agree with you – but, I shall help you.
And so, into my lab.
Up in my tower with my cauldron bubbling,
Not caring what Dr. Finklestien will say.
Frog's Breath to mask the sleeping decay I shall put him under.
Matters not what you have said, and what I will do to help.
I'm here. I'm here to hold your skeletal hand,
I have always been here Jack…
But, I don't think you understand.

Starlit Night

Once upon a starry night, my eyes did close before I saw this sight – the moon’s bright glow; like a flashlight from heaven then I knew; I must be a descendant…

As the moon follows me as we drive, as I know because I’m only a child.
I watch in wonder of this beautiful night underneath the star’s delight. It’s beauty surpasses that of a rose and even though I find unknown to many a human, they know not about the stars in their quiet spot.

I will always love this silvery glow underneath the stars; what ho! They twinkle a wink and just then I smile as I sit and think in thought a while.

The stars they glisten as I watch their aura. Their glittering assembly fills me with power.

Their light flows through me and suddenly I know – I will no longer feel so alone. I’ll have the stars and Selene to guide me. And as Luna smiles and looks down upon me. She smiles and wonders where Bellatrix, Sirius and Ursa are; or the noble archer as he shoots from afar. Nearby the lonely star he shoots – I feel only happiness as I start to float. Upon realising that I am no longer on the ground.

I look down at my tree and see my body, so; this why astrological travelling is so charming! I float up to the moon as she descends upon me. As I am enveloped in celestial light – I notice that I may no longer suffer human’s plight.

For fair Selene and lonely Luna have made me one of their own as I twinkle with power. I find a home nearby the Ursa sisters. As I take my new name;

Scorpius – the constellation of stubbornness and pride with a hint of creativity usually known for Autumn’s time.

Faery Queen

Under the fully lighted moon,
I dared to dream about me and you.
We danced and sang
And you said you cared;
Now I wish
I'd never dared –
To dream of a world
Where you love me,
But seasons changed
And apples grow.

I trusted you!
I never knew
That she was by your side.
You gave me your word!
The angels have heard
What you did to me.
The stars;
They know
And the roses grown
By pond where
I first saw you.

I trusted you!
And what did you do?
Why. you only let me fall.
The lilies grow
And the fairy tale broke,
I know thunder strikes
And bees have hives
Just before I met you.

Now the flowers grow
And they'll know
That I am happy now...
As the fairy crown
Lies upon my amber curls;
I'll swear
I never knew you…

Under Selene’s celestial light,
Upon this balmy night,
In the petty realm of mortals,
I’ll look for you.
I’ll find you,
My ‘dear’
And give a piece of my mind
In exchange for the unravelling
Of your mortal mind.

Did you think that I would not know?
The way of warriors in the snow?
I knew, fair huntsman –
Of your pale feathers
That hide the shameless pride
Of jealous and hatred –
Cold and bitter.
Like Wintertime.

For I;
the ruler of Fae,
Know about what you did to me.
You tried to break my fragile heart
in cold attempts to become
A part of my kingdom
Which is birthright to be;
Elven blood that runs in my veins
And that, my ‘dear’,
Is the very thing I shall take
From your mortal veins.
I shall make a warrior most noble and fair.

For everyone
And their kin to despise
And sneer;
O there goes the brazen one,
Who hurt our queen!
Let us hope that he falls,
Falls on his very knees.
How right they’ll be
About your demise.
Fear not, my ‘dear’.
It’s only Wintertime.