Poem Comments


Having no feelings
Feeling betrayed
Wanting all these emotions
To just go the fuck away
I hate being me
I hate how I keep feeling
I can't keep going on like this
Feeling lost in the distance
I can't breath suffocating over my thoughts
Suffocating over my dreams
Hoping to have a life of happiness
But all I see is misery
I thought I was someone
I thought I could be the one
Now I finally see that all that was in my dreams
I'm better off alone better off dead
Hating how all this shit goes to my head
Happiness is a forgiven thought that's only in my head
Only in my dreams
Thought love was perfect but in the end
It's just disappointment
Breaking hearts breaking thoughts
Turning more and more black every second of the day
Dimmer and dimmer i draw throughout the day
Trapped in the darkness
Screaming and crawling my way out
No end in sight no way out