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Lost part ll

I feel empty
I feel lost
This just isn't me
I used to be happy
I used to have hope
What happened
Who have I become
Who made me this way
I just wish the screams would go away
I wish the suicidal thoughts would go away
I hate who I am
I hate who I've become
I can't breathe around anyone
I feel like I'm being suffocated
The sadness is too strong
The black heart I have
Is who I've become
I try to be normal
I try to be who I was
I fight within myself
But the darkness has won
There is no going back
There is no who I was
For I have become this empty
Shelled person with the black
Darkness within my heart and soul
I have loved I have lost
But nothing seems to fix me
There is no quick fix
For I am forever broken
And forever stuck like this