GoneGothic Banners
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07 Feb 14 10:00 pm
It was January of this year.
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29 Oct 14 5:05 am
Are you guys still looking for banners I can make one and post it here in this thread.
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29 Oct 14 5:21 am
GG can use all the advertising it can get right now.
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29 Oct 14 5:47 am
Awesome here's one

I can make more if you'd like.
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29 Oct 14 5:50 am
Go for it but make sure you advertise them elsewhere! This site used to have over ten thousand members and quite a few active on the forums.
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29 Oct 14 5:56 am
Very well, I can put them on my blog and forum. I can also put a little prome at the bottom of my blog.
I've been thinking about making a Gothic Links page for my blog anyhow, maybe this is a sign that I should stop thinking about it and just do it. :]
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29 Oct 14 6:00 am
Sounds good to me lol!

Thank you!

The only reason why I say to advertise them somewhere else is so that they do not eat up bandwidth on this site. No point in advertising GG on GG.
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29 Oct 14 6:25 am
LOL I understand. If you'd like I can give you the link to my blog so you can see where I put the banner.
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29 Oct 14 7:02 am
I'd appreciate that! I'll take a screen shot of it, if that's alright, and send it to , the creator of GG!
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29 Oct 14 7:36 am *
Okay that's fine by me here's the link http://shadyblackrose.blogspot.com/

I put the banner at the bottum and in Gothic Links here's the link for you http://shadyblackrose.blogspot.com/p/gothic-links.html.
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03 Nov 14 9:08 pm
Awesome, thank you so much!
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