Site & Premium Promotion Ideas
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02 Dec 09 7:16 pm *
We need to promote and get things going via word of mouth, banners, etc.

I like to see or hear some ideas to make premium more attractive.

Also I like to propose a new feature for premium users.

The new feature will mostly be temporary until Dav is able to make the albums feature able to work in his template system.

Ability to block all but the default profile pic to be viewed by non-premium and non-users. This is so people can keep their profiles public yet limit those who can view their pictures and steal them for fakes.

Anyway I like to see and get some ideas on how to promote. Nicky has been updating the Facebook page when events happen. That is great but I like to see more premium activity here with the users we got and those who may join up.
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02 Dec 09 7:38 pm
Nothing wrong with the calendar. I just hope if people pay to use the site they will stick around longer or use the more social portions of the site like groups and forums

Got 10000 users with profiles for a reason =p
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02 Dec 09 7:58 pm
I like to shoot the bastard who coined that term. But yes i see your point.
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02 Dec 09 8:59 pm
What? lol
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02 Dec 09 9:31 pm
Right now only payment option is paypal. You really dont need a paypal account anymore to use a credit card. Granted a lot of users are under 18 have little way of paying without a parent doesnt mean they rather not have it at all.... or is that the case where they arent bugging parents due to not knowing enough about it.

When i was younger I got my parents to pay for registration on Hoverrace a internet hover game. Though it was money order she let me do it.
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02 Dec 09 9:44 pm *
Only thing i can think of doing would be a reward system. Which is lame to be honest cause VF has one.

Lets not base it on referals. Lets say free members can only get the points of merit for being active. Premium members for the first year say have 50 points to give per month and only up to 1 per person. 2nd year 75 up to 2 points per person so on so forth 100 and 3 and 125 and 4 etc.

+5 years no more increases only 150 and 5

Mods can give up to 5 and have 200 points per month. Admins unlimited points up to 10 and webmasters can basically make us all jealous.

Say 150 points gets a month. 300 for 3 months 500 for 6 months and 1000 for a year

save or spend whenever or on merch if one day can afford freebees....

user keeps their points if they buy premium... no exparation

no removal of points except by admin or webmaster when needed

not transferable... you delete the account they are gone (stops users like James)

purely based on merit of value of the community no requirement for posts etc but to get enough you need to participate

the vf damage system is dumb and as mentioned referrals just suck since they generate crap accounts
Since you have to be premium to give points makes it hard for fake accounts to do a good.

just an idea... which my phone is scrolling all over as i type

this is for much later on when Dav is done with his template stuff
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02 Dec 09 9:58 pm
lol someone would need a consistant 84 points per month for a year to get a free year of premium and unless people really give out points a lot to a person i bet that wont happen but be funny to see how long it would take once the site is busy again.
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03 Dec 09 3:02 am
I get good ones from time to time
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03 Dec 09 3:10 am
Well saidly I am making this into more a how to make GG money thing

but I mentioned this back on the Suggest This thread some time ago... (first/second page)

CoolSilver wrote:
As far as revenue, ads work but not reliable. Neither is the users themselves unless it is something they are required to pay. Even at that it could leave you with less users.

The only thing I can see working is a pay per page thing. Horrible idea actually. But listen.
So you give these extra features at a premium say the current price at 12 pounds etc for a year.

Say for 5 pounds, you can view 1,000 pages without ads. The ads would be small and not in the way but gives the option to get money out of the ads no one clicks on anyway. What if you also happen to give the user the ability to show their profile recommended listings. Otherwise, your profile won't be ranked with other like friends.

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03 Dec 09 3:15 am
enterthedeath wrote:
Indeed you do. I'm guessing something like 200 points for a dollar or something?

.... I dunno I was pulling numbers out of my arse.... American or Canadian or Australian

You don't buy points, being premium gives you points to give and refilled once a month. Only free users can receive them.

Though I guess if people wanted to buy points they just be buying themselves premium anyway.
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04 Dec 09 1:12 pm
Dunno I forgot to ask ... lol
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04 Dec 09 6:04 pm
Thanks Code for the move.

Title of thread updated for accurate description. Moved from premium forum for more site wide ideas
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04 Dec 09 10:30 pm *
enterthedeath wrote:
Well if you could have money orders too. I'm really not sure how premium sign up works but not everyone has a credit card. 2 years for 50$ or something like that. We have to make groups more active too. I have group that almost no one knows about or cares. I looked at the chat to see if anyone was kicking around to watch. Nothing. We have 10 000 users and only about 50 people to talk too. =/

premium sign up is with pay pal you can either register an account with your back card or you can manualy put them in but the next time when you sign up for premuim you would have to put the details in all over again. your better off with an account on there that way you can just log in and pay rather than putting the details in again and again.
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05 Dec 09 10:43 pm
I think paypal is good enough. I don't think Dav would like to get a postal box and get strange letters and the like.
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11 Dec 09 5:16 am
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12 Dec 09 6:04 pm *
what i will do nick is i will sticky this for a while and see if anymore ideas come in to play. cause this could be quite handy for future refferance.
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15 Dec 09 1:10 am
Can't say much other than I hope some of the ideas stick as much as this thread is right now.

Though only time will tell what Dav is able to get to right away.
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17 Jan 10 8:27 pm
I suggest a survey is in order.
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10 Feb 10 5:00 pm *
I think if you have premium as long as it is not expired your account is skipped on auto delete if at or over 6 months.

Premium runs out... BYEZ!
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18 Feb 10 4:23 am
I had the suggestion to make the main forum categories visible to everyone. Basically pages Board.php and Forum.php pages visible to see what is being discussed. (topic names, who made it, who last posted)

Threads themselves you have to login.

I thought it was silly as hell to block the MAIN FEATURE of the site from being viewed by non-members.... What is making new users sign up... the 14 year old fakes that signed up 15 mins before them?