Gun Control
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14 Jul 19 10:50 pm
I am a registered democrat and the bicameral legislative congress kinda shoots our self in the foot. The Independent party is our only hope and yet once you decide you are a democrat you can't vote any other way so, until that rule gets thrown out we can't have the independent party saving us from our own divisiveness. We need people that believe that neither party is right, and the voting system is false even though Trump had House of Representatives and the Senate with a Republican majority in the first go around. Now he lost the house and can't get anything passed. It was the first time that a President had control of congress since the 1950's, it was either Eisenhower or Truman that had a full house, but if you allow guns which is constitutional, the bill of rights, 1st amendment to provide people to secure their own safety or to go hunting, I don't think that we will ever lose the guns although it might happen. I like when the off duty cops take some people down on the sly, but you know these school shootings are proliferating and we might rebuke the right to have guns; but if you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns and yet they are discussing this right now. The whole interior of the country votes republican, the states on the oceans vote democrat, so it seems we need guns to take down a wild coyote or something
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03 Aug 19 9:12 pm
I feel pretty conflicted about this in general but there are straightforward aspects of it.

For example, car ownership is nowhere near as controversial a topic and we still have a licensing procedure, laws about driving and sets of situations where your right to drive can be removed. Guns currently have less regulation than that and I think that’s insane, especially given the widespread psychological instalbility in America that seems to make school shootings a statistical certainty with easy firearm access.

While I think firearm regulation is an immediate necessity for putting some sort of limitation on the proliferation of mass killings, I also think the average leftist may overlook the role of mental health, given how often conservatives toss it around as a disingenuous crutch.

On one hand, “thoughts and prayers” and simplistic talking points about focusing on mental health are used to dodge the obvious immediate solution. On the other, that doesn’t mean that mental health is not a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The problem is, with something that has as much nuance as mental health in America, there will have to be multiple small solutions that have a cumulative, holistic effect over time. The solution will, necessarily, be slow. Which means that we need to take more immediate action right now while we’re experiencing mass murders every odd month / couple of weeks.

Which takes me back to my belief that there’s no damn reason why guns should not be at least as regulated as cars, business licenses or a million other things that we have legal standardization for.
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30 Aug 19 3:32 am
I'm a libertarian and Iean on the right and the so called democrat liberalism turned me off. And the so called fascism makes me laugh like seriously where's the actual nazis and skinheads at? I just see normal u.s. citizens ex. democrats and conservative people that are trump supporters. Gun control will never work yeah I am a gun owner. Nazis took the guns away! Socialism sucks, and communism is fascism
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16 Oct 19 9:41 pm
I love guns. It's a women's equalizers, the only thing that will work better than a rape whistle. I strongly stand for the 2nd. I'm a right-leaning independent. I'm a first-generation American And believe "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. " #GothGirlsWithGuns