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You Can't Please Everyone.

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about me

I'm "Not Looking". Thank You. Stay Horny, My Friends..... XD I'll fill-in more of My Personal Stuff in here later as I go. I'm Lu. Hi. I prefer No One send me any Friend Requests, to be honest. Aye. (If you support donald trump: *CERTAINLY FUCK OFF*, damn you.... -_- ) I Hate Relentless Chatting/Chat. Ugh. I won't do that. Nope. I do NOT like dealing with Easily-Offended/Thinskinned/Entitled People. ( "Fragile Adults", as I once read elsewhere ) I'm NOT Blindly-Patriotic Nor Will I EVER Blindly-Trust The Police. I Believe In Secular Government; *not* Oligarchically-Theocratic Corporatocracy. I used to have a pretty bad horrible Temper years ago ..but no more, blessedly. Embarrassing (unfortunately, I am NOT immune to Daily Annoyances. Arg.). I quit going to FB years ago. I *refuse* to keep BLOCKING idiots forever and ever and ever. UGH. -_- I had a VF years ago for 1 month, but I actually found the site quite painfully-dumb, so I deleted. I *do* suddenly sometimes just DELETE my profiles (usually once a website finally Turns Me Off; usually due to Insufficient Collective Intelligence or maybe It's Too Dead or maybe its just another fucking Popularity Contest again.) suddenly With No Notice. I once read "EVERYBODY JUDGES.", and Yes, I'm Certainly Judgemental sometimes, and No, I'm not One Of Those Omnipotently-Allknowing/Pontificatingly-Sanctimonious (annoyyyyyyying) Perfect People Who Never Ever Does Anything Wrong Ever, so please go elsewhere for that, Thank You. I opine that oftimes Those Who Hide Behind *PRIVATE* Profiles indeed are CHICKENSHITS. (So far, I've seen 3 of those here in GothWire) For years, I don't like the term 'babybat'. I find it annoying. Babies are 2-3 years old, ey? -_- Luckily, I Have No Children. Ha. Never Wanted Any. They're Okay, though I am *sick* of Society's Insistence of incessantly-using the word "kid" over and over and over ad nauseum. STOP IT. Real Kids are 2, 3...7, 8, 9. Anything older is something else. Coaches and Sportscasters are the biggest boneheaded transgressors of that, I Have Noticed. -_- I never disclose certain Personal Things like Race/Weight/Age, so..... (Ey, at least I'm being Honest.) Have A Great Day! ******* P.S. Despicable Little Trump-Supporting Magascheissen, Whiny Little Racists, Scared Little Homophobes, Bitchass Little Chauvanists/Misogynists, and Superstitious Entitled Fascist Theocrats: STAY AWAY FROM ME. SERIOUSLY. -_- (In fact, do us both a favour and 'BLOCK' Me or I *will* Block you eventually...though, I may leave one of the infinitely-pathetic Worthless Useless Vermin unblocked simply so that I can see Who sympathizes with Aforementioned Worthless Useless Vermin. Heh.) "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." -Voltaire #BoycottTrumpSympathizingBusinesses. #BoycottConfederateSympathizingBusinesses. #ShunTrumpCulture. #PassItOn..... Kthnxbai.


I'm A Dancer (I love NiteClubs even though I've had my fill of them already, ergo, I'm An Hermit), WoodWorker/CoffinMaker, been Sewing/Altering for years, CosPlay/Costumes, I *am* one of those Perpetually AllBlack-Clad Kind for years, Vegetarian, Non-Alcoholic, I'm a major Coffeenut, I Love Incense & Bongs, ModelMaking, I'm into Perpetual Physical Fitness, Cats, Tattoos/Piercings (yes, I personally-tattoo myself for years also), I'm a seriously-major TV News sponge (but I certainly do NOT blindly-believe everything I hear/see/read In Life, of course), I used to drive Concrete MixerTrucks for a while some years ago (looooooots of Fun, but I finally tired of Trucks), I never ever live with AirConditioning for years BY CHOICE (maybe I'm wrong but it seems to Me that AC makes people Weak and Soft), I do like using Poundsigns/Hashtags merely as Summations for some things I post; although I have a Twitter Pro, I have actually not been there in years..... And What? XD ******* I don't even go there anymore but here's My Link down below: ~~~~~~~ {I'm one of these people in the link down below...but I ain't tellin' You which one I am, heh, heh!} ******* Yes. I indeed am one of those Walking Contradictions...just like everyone else. Heh. XD *******


Trump Supporters: Block Me Now Or I'll Block You Later. Bam. -_-

favourite music

I Love The PANDORA Music App...Great Music there like; 'GOTH RADIO', 'DarkWave Radio', 'Industrial Radio', 'Witch House Radio', 'Film Scores Radio', 'Classical Radio', 'Contemporary Bollywood Radio', 'Heavy Metal Radio', 'Disco Radio', '80s New Wave Radio', and Others.....I used to play Bass Guitar in several bands years ago but *I'm Just Not Social Enough*, so I finally stopped. Ha. XD.












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