Staring Right Up Your Nose.....
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08 Mar 21 10:39 am
QUESTION: "Why Do So Many Guys Look At You While Clearly Tilting-Up Their Faces Almost To The Ceiling, Consequently You Can Look Right Up Their Nostrils In Their Mugshots?"

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09 Mar 21 12:21 am
I fondly remember going to an afternoon news years luncheon. A particularly arrogant minister kept looking down his nose at people as he pontificated saying lines that started with;

As the Most Holy Minister
Being my congregations Holy Minister
As I am the Ordained Holy Minister of my flock

I walked over and listened for a time. Than calmly told him that I too was a Minister. He look down at me with the utmost of destain and asked where I was ordained. I told him I was Ordained on the Internet. He looked shocked and exclaimed that he had waisted all his valuable years in college. I told he had.

I was asked to leave. Which I was glad to do. 🦊
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08 Apr 21 7:21 pm
oo oo pick me!

So when you pass someone on the street, you might nod. To show you acknowledge them.

Certain guys will nod up, hold their heads higher. Its to look hard, show their not a bitch. Don't fuck with me, kind thing.
Assuming in mugshots, its so they don't look like cowering bitches.
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15 Apr 21 5:18 am
Agreed, PaperDoll.