Googling You.....
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20 Apr 21 2:31 am
QUESTION: "Would You Like It If Someone Googled You? Anything/Everything About You?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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20 Apr 21 9:14 am
Really don’t care. I did do a quick search and found this link to Linked In 🦊
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22 Apr 21 6:46 am
probably find some stuff... old accounts, questionable sites, therapy inducing photos...
I just found a bunch of hate speech about me i didn't even know existed. Its from an old gg member rubbing my old legal name through the mud. πŸ˜… cute
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27 Apr 21 7:52 pm
I really wouldn't care. I mean, if someone Googled me do I get a migraine? Does God kill a kitten? Do we loose a patch of rain forest? Good chance you wouldn't find anything interesting anyway. : - (