You Can't Say I Didn't Try.....
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04 May 21 8:06 am
QUESTION: "Have you ever said, 'You Can't Say I Didn't Try.' for something?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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04 May 21 8:15 am
I guess I've, by now, been to enough Dead Websites/Groups/Etc., and I have tried getting them rolling Activitywise by posting things frequently there.

Sometimes, some of them would then actually Pick Up (sometimes even to a fucking CRAZY BUSY pace), but other places are just Simply Hopeless.

Oh, well.....
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05 May 21 12:40 am
I've had sh*t luck with relationships and dating. Everyone said the same old thing "you'll meet the right one some day." I finally did but to complicate things she just split from her BF of 7yrs so I had to work in it. I tried my best and failed miserably, she kinda' overlooked me for someone else. Felt like chopped liver for a while. It was my last time I'd do something like that so hey...I tried my best.
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05 May 21 4:13 am
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