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24 May 21 11:49 pm
QUESTION: "Has Your Home Ever Caught On Fire, And You Actually Personally Extinguished The Fire Successfully?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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26 May 21 12:15 am
Fortunately no, but since the 2019 fires we keep an extinguisher in the house.
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26 May 21 2:30 am


One time when I was may be 10 or so, I once tried making a candle By Melting Old Crayons In A Pot (I actually once read about that very method somewhere) On The.Stove.

Well: I walked away from the kitchen for just a bit (too damn long, really), and when I came back:





Well I quickly put a lid on the pot and *WHEW!*

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26 May 21 2:32 am
There were 2 other times too.

Killed those off too, post haste!



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26 May 21 3:16 am
No but in 2008 one of my neighbor’s house went up in flames, no one was hurt at all. All that was left was the skeleton and frame of the house and some charred wooden furniture.

I still remember that night; 2 of my buddies and I had just said good night around 1 am after being on the phone for 2 hours, as I was falling asleep. 5 minutes later, I heard a chainsaw outside and light of the fire was glowing through the thin curtains in my room. I looked outside and thought I was dreaming. I called them back to tell them what was going on.
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27 May 21 12:21 am
When people ask about the "dangers of Witchcraft" I respond with "Fire Hazards" and other Wiccans laugh. BUT years ago I was at a friends house and we were going to cast a spell. It involved a bowl of hot water with eucalyptus oil in it. Anyway, while my friend was in the kitchen I light the altar candle and put out the burnt match in the water....big mistake!

Because of the Eucalyptus oil there was a big flame, not too big but big enough to be worried.

My friend came back, freaked out and from memory I put the fire out by diluting the oil with more water.

That was at my friends house whose parents tend to respect me so I was soooooooo glad it didn't get any worse!