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24 May 21 11:54 pm
QUESTION: "Do You Believe The Apollo Moon Landing Actually Happened Years Ago?"

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26 May 21 12:14 am
Yes, way to much evidence and witnesses to say so.
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26 May 21 2:37 am
Yes, I do believe it happened.



+ How to argue with a Moon landing denier
One in six Brits believes that the Apollo 11 landing was a hoax. Our guide can help you debunk their arguments.

By Paul Parsons

On 20 July 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed on the Moon. The highlight of the mission was a 2.5-hour moonwalk, during which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin gathered soil and rock samples, planted a US flag, and basked in the glory of becoming the first human beings to set foot on another world. Five more crewed landings would follow over the next three years.

These were astonishing feats. Indeed, some folk find them all too astonishing. A recent YouGov poll found that 16 per cent of British people still cling to the conspiracy theory that the Moon landings were staged. It’s an idea that’s been around since the mid-1970s, with various reasons suggested for why the US government would want to orchestrate a hoax, from a need to win the Space Race, to a way of distracting the public from the Vietnam War.

Moon landing conspiracy theorists have come up with a number of pieces of ‘evidence’ for their beliefs. So we’ve decided to debunk them one by one.

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30 May 21 12:26 am
LOL This has already been debunked. I've asked a few Astronomers about it and they laughed at me.
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31 May 21 12:27 am
hector wrote:
If we ever did land on the Moon why haven't anyone been back? Just a thought.

I asked an Astronomer this once and the responses were;

The Cold War played a part in encouraging the moon landing. Now that's over the enthusiasm isn't the same.

It's expensive and takes a lot of work.

There's too much environmental problems happening on Earth that Scientist are trying to (and in my opinion should be) focus on.

There's other things in space that they're exploring.

There's more but I forget.
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31 May 21 12:32 am
Trappernicus wrote:
Karl wrote:
LOL This has already been debunked. I've asked a few Astronomers about it and they laughed at me.

Sadly, laughing falls short of a credible explanation. What did your friends say? 🦊

Lots of things...too much to try and remember. There's too many witnesses ad people that worked on it, it takes even more effort to fake something like that, you can't fake something like that and expect so many people that worked in producing it to keep quite "three people can keep a secret so long as two of them are dead." - Mark Twain, the list goes on....
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31 May 21 12:42 am
If I have a query about my car I'll ask a car mechanic same is if I have a query about this topic I'll ask an astronomer. I can admit there's professionals that know more about a topic than I do so I'll pay attention to what they have to say. ; - )
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23 Nov 21 9:58 pm
Conspiracy theorist that argue against the Moon Landing think like this;
I was enlisted into the Army Reserves in 2009, left in 2013. But a Conspiracy theorist could claim "No you didn't, that's all a conspiracy." I can show my certificate of enlistment but they'd say "that's a forgerie," then I'd show photo's but they'd say "that's photoshopped," then I'd introduce them to my Army buddies but they'd say "those are all paid actors...."
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04 Dec 21 3:29 pm
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