Your I.Q.
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29 May 21 11:54 pm
QUESTION: "Do You Know Your Actual I.Q.?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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29 May 21 11:59 pm
I have taken 2 such Tests before in the past.

I have noticed that I feel Damn Reluctant to actually confessingly Reveal My Numerical Result, but I guess I am Okay with it.

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01 Jun 21 3:22 pm
I wouldn’t take an IQ test.
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02 Jun 21 7:37 pm
Ergh! I did an IQ Test in 2016 and it was pretty pissweak. But then again I do have a mental disability.
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06 Jun 21 7:40 pm
hector wrote:
@Karl we all have mental disability

Yeah but the best way I can describe it is like this; you're in a room with 30 people, you each have a piece of paper and your task is to tear that bit of paper in half. Easy, right? But if those other people can tear that paper in half but you struggle to get half way.....that's a good indicator there's something wrong.

; - )
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27 Jan 22 7:45 pm
Mine turned out to be 90. I’ve heard it’s average but I still don’t entirely understand specifically what part of our intelligence counts as our iq.
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29 Jan 22 12:17 am
I'm a dumbass...but what at least I can admit to that. What really burns me and what I've encountered a lot lately is there's a lot of really stupid people out there but they don't realise it. That makes it so much worse! 😒