Appreciate Me?
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06 Jun 21 5:26 am *
QUESTION: If someone told you: "I Would Love To Appreciate Your Body...Very Much.", what would you think/say/do?

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06 Jun 21 2:02 pm *
If we are going to talk about murals, it is a harsh reality that there are people who do not appreciate artworks like this. I feel bad, but there is less that I can do; I want them to realize that murals are beautiful and worth appreciating. But I simply don't kevin can fuck himself green jacket know where to start. Sometimes, I think of writing as my way to influence people to appraiser things that should be appreciated. I don't know if that is going to be effective, but I want to give it a try.
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09 Jun 21 8:54 pm *

I once heard A Hot Sexyass Female Neighbor Girl I lived by years ago saying, about a new Neighbor Girl that just moved-in, that she would "LOOOOOVE to appreciate her body...very much!"