Describing You.....
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11 Jun 21 11:26 pm
QUESTION: "What Are Some Words That People (in Real Life) Have Actually Used Before To Describe You?"

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13 Jun 21 2:57 am
Oh, man...

Some woman earlier today called me "handsome". O_o


I've been called "adorable". Haha...


"Very Good Dancer"..."Tall."..."Very Good Bass Player."...

"Beautiful." o_O

"Bitch."..."Asshole."..."Faggit."..... XD
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16 Jun 21 12:08 am
People could say I’m an asshole, and I’d have to say they’re right. Cold, calculating… all kinds of stuff.

Now I’m not to far off from being a cripple, so now I’m just like that to deter sympathy and any other meaningful relationships with people.
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16 Jun 21 6:20 pm
Worthless, a piece of shit, some
one who doesn't deserve to live... everything under that catagory.