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24 Jun 21 12:15 am *
QUESTION: "If Someone Were To Fancy You Physically, What Would *You* Prefer Hearing (Cute, Pretty, Attractive, Fine, Hot, Sexy, Etc?)?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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25 Jun 21 12:22 am
If someone were to find my physically attractive I'd recommend an optometrist. LOL But seriously though 'cute' because that's what I used to hear and at most it's how I see myself.
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25 Jun 21 12:24 am
AVintagePaperDoll wrote:
I've heard just about everything, usually its the same four things (hot, fine, cute and sexy) which I just roll my eyes at, because its so over used. I don't believe it half the time....

Recently a man approached me and called me "gorgeous" it was a first, and it threw me off. I was flattered. I cant say I have a preference.. but don't you dare call me Thicc 🙄

I've been called gorgeous too....but it was by a lesbian and it was an old term meaning 'to be freely and openly accepting of someone's sexuality.' Ha, ha!
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26 Jun 21 12:01 am
I've been told by my mates that they can tell when I've had too much to drink because I become very quiet and look withdrawn.
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29 Jun 21 4:14 pm
i get most of my flattery from insecure guys these days. Like my old neighbor whos gf said she liked how I dress, so he told her I was