Restoring Amends.....
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24 Jun 21 1:18 pm *
QUESTION: "Has Someone In Your Life Suddenly Just Passed-On, And Unfortunately, A Quarrel/Feud/Difference/Beef/Problem Between You Both Never Got Resolved Or Fixed?




Is Your Conscience Clear? Or Clear Enough?"

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06 Jul 21 7:53 am
Yes...kind of, my sisters Ex BF. He got on my nerves once when he disrespect my Dad but he really pissed me off when he became abusive and kicked my sister out...OF HER OWN HOME! I remember being so angry I was going to drive down there and kick him out. But I had just graduated from Basic Training in the Army Reserves so couldn't jeopardise that.

Anyway, eventually they split he moved away and years later died from natural causes.
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13 Jul 21 8:53 am

I'm sorry you and your sister went through that, Karl.