Wax Trax
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31 Aug 21 3:20 am
So I finally ordered a copy and Im finally gonna see this masterpiece this weekend. Julia thru in some nifty stickers too ; Front 242, Lead Into Gold, and a vintage Wax Trax one. I ordered a shirt too with the logo.
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31 Aug 21 10:41 pm
It's as old as me! LOL Looks good! When I was a kid we had Impact Records. It was a music shop but sold t-shirts, comic boos and other cool stuff. Now it's just Impact Comics, which is still really cool but a lot smaller than what it used to be.
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01 Sep 21 10:14 am
Wax Trax was also a recording label. I had Atomic Records which sold music, limited posters, zines, etc.
I got the dvd as apposed to blu-ray cuz i'll 75 more minutes of bonus goth footage ...muhahaha
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01 Sep 21 10:49 pm
Actually this reminds me of a movie one of my cousins was showed me. I forget what it was called but you could tell it was trying to be a nostalgic - comedy about a popular music store in danger of being closed down.....it did nothing for me though. LOL It was....okay but not as great as what I thought it should be
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02 Sep 21 4:27 am *
are we talkin about High Fidelity with John Cusack? btw i just finished watching the documentary and it was great. Trent Reznor was a speaker in it as well.
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03 Sep 21 11:42 pm
Hmmmm.....I don't think so. To the best of my memory (which isn't very good) one of the Baldwin's was in it and played the manager for the store. The movie wasn't terribly impressionable.
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03 Oct 21 3:32 pm
i think Empire records might be the film you're possibly thinking of.