Your local Goth community post pandemic.
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21 Apr 23 12:48 am
How is your local Goth community faring after all the pandemic lock downs and restrictions?

Apart from loads if online events and fun, the Sydney community squeezed in a couple of club nights in 2021, about 4 last year and this year things are starting to pick up with two clubs now back in the game plus live bands here and there. I guess it has gone from something on most weekends before COVID to about monthly and now fortnightly.
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21 Apr 23 4:34 am
The goth/alternative community here was very small to begin with. Only two places were having events for us weekly, and they both shut down. One before Covid and one after. I wish there were more.
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24 Apr 23 1:40 am
Here it's not so bad, I can go to a a couple events throughout the month that involve the goth community. These events do tend to be from 9P.M to 2A.M.

Also I'm 4 hours away from NYC so there is Vampirefreaks events.
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14 May 23 4:05 am
Glad to hear that some communities are making a come back.
thecultofweird perhaps you can gather some like minded peeps and organise something?