Hi, i'm new here.
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11 May 24 8:55 am
This is my first post here, and I'm happy to be joining a community that embraces the darker side of things. Lately, I've been reminiscing about a special someone from my past – an ex-girlfriend who I loved. She's the one who actually introduced me to the whole gothic scene, and it was amazing! Back in the day, VampireFreaks was a huge part of that for me. It's a shame to see that it's just a clothing store now. We were young back then, and the connection we shared was something truly unique. There's no denying it, I miss her like hell.

Finding a community like this reignites a part of me I've kept hidden for a while. Maybe it's time to let my inner shadow out a bit more and explore the gothic and dark aesthetics I've always loved. Since we broke up, I kind of let that side of myself fade, but deep down, I knew it was always there. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting new friends who share this passion, even though I'm deaf myself.
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11 May 24 9:46 pm
Welcome to GoneGothic, im Marvin
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14 May 24 12:47 pm
It's crazy how most people
online today don't even
know what this site is, or
how much it means to people.

The fact that Dav hasn't given
up on hosting it is awesome.

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27 Jun 24 7:43 pm
G'day https://gonegothic.com/Drip_Kealii!

You're lucky to have that experience.

Where I grew up was very conservative in that people are supposed to conform to a life farts, flip-flops and football. Anything outside of that was considered wrong or weird.

I always liked the Goth aesthetic and wanted a Goth GF but never got one until my late 20's. Sadly that didn't go end well.

It wasn't until my 30's that I started embracing the Gothic subculture more and by 40 I was fully submerged.

You're not alone, mate! 😉👍