New To The Forum!
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15 Jun 24 10:43 pm
Hi all- new today. I'm very excited about this forum, it's been awhile since I posted anything or shared personal updates about my life. I will be able to check in occasionally whenever possible, and like the color scheme (gray is for me!) Anyway, yeah... if anyone has tips or suggestions about music, happenings in the goth sphere, etc. let me know and I will check them out.
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21 Jun 24 1:58 am
Unfortunately you probably won't get too many responses here. Honestly, our golden age here was like, 2005 to 2012, and most people have moved on~ But I hope you do enjoy your time here!
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22 Jun 24 2:58 pm
Hello and welcome. I visit here multiple times a week and been doing so for over a decade, afterall this is the last of the real deal. We lack notifs here but feel free to drop a line anytime. Im Marvin btw.