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Well most people that know me know I'm a comic book junkie. Look at my username.....Estacado.....yeah a very underrated comic. Jackie Estacado is from Darkness comics. If you don't know it look it up. Anyways to all the comic freaks.....who is going to see birds of prey? I sure am because Black Mask is in it.....another underrated villain.

Omen Of Darkness

I finished a poem about Eminem releasing the song darkness supporting gun control

Here I am sitting back with my lost passion
I used to write, well what happened
I work at a saw mill and I’m nailing pallets
Then I’m lifting weights until I hit the mattress
What did he say? Hold on I can’t have this
Fucking Mr. Mathers talking like his message matters
Releasing a new track well his shit just splattered
It’s called Darkness now the window shatters
The glass house he lives fucking makes it sadder
You wrote a song about the Las Vegas shooting
You realize the power that your abusing?
Your need to hold on is so amusing
Fuck celebrities and their political viewings
Shut the fuck up when it comes to guns you’re the expert
Stick to beating your wife in your next exert
OMEN OF DARKNESS is here to give a lecture
Stand up no, sit down it’s my pleasure
I can’t believe you went to this desperate measure
You're a "terrible lie" just ask Trent Reznor
You deserve 27 F-5s from Brock Lesnar
Calling yourself the homosexual dissector
Then supporting gay marriage, far from clever
I have the endeavor to sever your vocal cords with a bladed feather
Rip your skin off and sell the leather
I won't even give you an E for effort
I'd force-feed crushed glass with extacy until you're deader
Than every fucking person killed in foul weather
I'm the real Darkness stamp on every letter

From VF

I was Ice_Omen on VF. I'm here because VF is going down. Also here for friends and more.