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Trust no one, believe only what can be proven

Gender: Female
Age: 37
Star Sign: Cancer
Ethnicity: Mixed
Religion: Satanism
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: In Open Relationship
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68kg)
Location: Blackwood, New Jersey, United States

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about me

I'm Ali. I love to debate, and I'm convinced that I'm one of few people who understands the difference between an argument and a debate, particularly on sensitive and/or controversial subjects. I'm also a great fan of symbolism, and I believe that an entire story can be found about a person if you learn to read between the lines. Try it sometime you never know what you'll learn if you take a closer look.
I embrace the darker aspects of life, some call me a goth, but I don't consider myself to be. Just because I embrace and understand that culture doesn't necessarily make me a part of it.

Playing with my son
Reading (I'm a bibliophile)
Playing Pool
Going to Strip Clubs
Hanging out with the guys
Breaking the hearts and minds of delusional idiots
Plotting and implementing the demise of those few who have REALLY pissed me off

PETA (stupid fucking vegan bastard hypocrites), spiders, Britney Spears, Cheerleaders, super religious people, most preps (there is always the occasional decent prep), girls who diet too much, people that are too cheerful (actually, just most people), bugs, being patronized, feeling lost, being called anorexic, hip-hop, depression, posers, being restricted/confined, the destruction left in Neo's wake that I must then repair, being ratted on by co-workers, 10 page essays, final exams, being called a slut (or whore or anything else with that connotation), having my cell phone taken from me, being called Ni (*pokes Jeb*), having to break off conversations to go to work/class, being kicked out of the library while I'm online, being left behind, SPIDER CRICKETS!, and one of my biggest dislikes is JUGGALOS. (I have pledged undying hatred of all juggalos so if you are one, you have been warned. )

favourite music
Many and varied, I really don't feel like listing each one...





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