vindicated revenge

For years I've dealt with comments about how I'm insane or a bit crazy. Its true I'll admit it, I just haven't found a competent therapist yet.

So, I have all of this built up frustration as a residual effect.

Well. Everyone know that stress and frustration should be released before it starts to affect your health. And I've finally decided how to do it. There are three people who have fucked with me seriously enough to have left an impression; "scarred me for life" so to speak.
So I've decided to make it my mission to bring them pain at every turn. To destroy them to the best of my ability. To make them regret that they ever knew me let alone bothered me.

To those three people, I have declared war.

And while it may be some time yet before I can create enough of a disturbance to disrupt them from any daily routine, I will not rest until I have my revenge.

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Johari and Nohari windows

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Have you ever?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just had the urge to put on some bronze knuckles and fuck up everyone who looked at you the wrong way? I mean I'm not in a bad mood really I just wanna go beat the fuck out of people. For fun.

I dunno... maybe its some sick and strangely perverse fetish.....

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Valentine's Day

For me this V-day is going to be hell.

I have no one to share it with and other then schoolwork, nothing to do. Which typically wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that its entirely my fault that I'll be bored and alone. Fucking hell, I hate my life.

A little sad....

Why is it that I know nothing at all about the one I am closest to. He doesn't trust me enough to tell me who he is or what he does and so I cannot trust him with the same information. Its an endless cycle one that doesn't seem to have much hope of being broken.