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July Updates

I've been busy lately with the redesign, but it is coming along nicely and you'll all be able to see it soon. I'm going to change the design progressively because it's such a large area of work and each page needs testing to varying degrees.

This means that when I launch the new design it'll look similar to the current one in some respects, but come with added benefits such as mobile responsiveness so you'll finally be able to use the site on your mobile phone and tablet without all the zooming around. I'm also going to start implementing the new design before all the pages are complete so I can gather feedback about the new vs old pages, but I'm definitely going to update the most used pages first so many may not notice the old design creeping in.

Once all the pages are updated to the new front end framework, I'll get to work on actually designing them away from what we already have here with your feedback. Unfortunately during this period the site style switcher will have to go away as it'll have no useful effect on the new design other than messing it up.

For now, here are a few of the updates I have made since my last post:

  • Added user card tooltips to the new user mention links
  • Removed enemy lists, they were a unused feature by the majority of users and I don't see any benefit in keeping the feature around.
  • The forums are now publicly accessible and I've fixed an issue with polls not rendering their content correctly.
  • I've just fixed an issue that was preventing new user signup's. Thanks to for reporting it!
  • Fixed a bug with the pop-up smilies, there was a missing template causing a white screen error.
  • Fixed an issue with the search pages pulling out numbers in place of religion, ethnicity, etc...
  • Fixed an issue with the style switcher
  • Fixed a bug with the preview profile option. Thanks to @gallifrey_rises for reporting it!
  • Reverted the deletion code, the new way was a little buggy and left a few orphan threads, comments and posts around

As always please let me know if you notice any bugs.


ihavefaith4ever I miss everyone
-Invictus- When are you going to post the next update?

Does anyone ever use this website anymore?

The frustration!
-Invictus- *pokes dav with broomstick *

Are you alive in there???
Marie Hey
dav I'll look at adding a field for any admins to allow individual forums to be private. That should do the trick!

hey you! I think your problem is that your using the site from your phone. I'll do some testing and see. Hope all is well.
Sunspots Can we PLEASE make the Sex & Relationships forum PRIVATE?!?!? I get the point over having public forums but can we please get that one to be private?
OloElEeee Errr just to say anytime I try to update my profile ... As in add anything to it, it wont let me. I click the link and it takes me back to main page... Is it because I'm using my Nokia lumia phone or juust doesn't like me. Still can't believe this site is still going! I was one of the first people to join, use to be really close to Davikins. So weird coming back after all this time! So much as changed! Weird. Anyway. Yeah. Can't update from my phone and such.. Thanks
jennagrimm hmm,i just got here from vampirefreaks,coolio
Sunspots As always, , you are the freaking man! Thanks so much!
dav @Lorenzo expanding the character limit of those titles is something I have in mind once I've got the new design up and running. I could just up the character count allowance, but that would mean all the long titles would mess up the design of the current site otherwise I'd have just fixed that now.

, I've added the pagination to the artwork page in the same fashion as the gallery page, I can't do the poetry or blog pages as they would require a lot of refactoring. I've also fixed the bug with the comment reply not defaulting to the private status of the comment you are replying to.

The premium option is mean't to just override the private status to cloaked when checked rather than auto check all comments as cloaked. When the new design is finished and I can start working on changing site features private and cloaked will be merged into one and act like cloaked comments. No need for both nowadays
Sunspots Also, not sure if it's an admin thing (though I don't think so because it didn't work all the time before) but why is it that my comments are never cloaked despite having it selected for them to be cloaked under premium extras? Whether in replying (to a private or public comment) or initiating the commenting, I always have to tick the box to make it private. Does the cloaking only mean that it will be invisible IF it is made private? If so, can there be an option to make comments private by default, like we have with the signature always being on?
Sunspots Another suggestion.

A way to go through a person's artwork without having to click the back button all the time. Picture galleries have the numbers at the top, why not the same thing for poems and artwork?
dav @Lorenzo, thanks for the heads up, I think I've removed them all now. It's impossible to block them completely
Sunspots LMFAO you would absolutely do that, wouldn't you?!

It's alright, I'll just get over it. At least the "report person" form pops so it's not an automatic thing.
dav I could do, however I reckon other members might have the opposite problem and from that change forward start clicking report instead of Comment.

Suppose I could randomise the order of all the links just to troll people
Sunspots OK, , another suggestion.

Can we have the "comment" link on the left of the links instead of the report one? It may be just me but in ALL of my years on GG in which there was a report button, I've almost accidentally reported a LOT of people.
dav a friend request style feature is already on the cards
Sunspots So it was a bug all this time and I thought it was just some sort of pending mutual thing.

Speaking of... is there any way to set it up so that if somebody adds you as a buddy, you get notified?
dav @Lorenzo sorry I haven't replied sooner. I've been a little busy and still am lol.

I've fixed the buddies profile picture bug you have spotted so thanks for that. I'll respond to your comments properly when I have more time to properly look into them.

Sunspots I don't think the user's picture will show up unless they also have added you as a buddy.

And if you don't want to have an actual picture, there is a default image that shows or you can upload an avatar you make on another site.