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The U.S. Election 2020.

Well, if Biden Wins The United States Election Tomorrow (too bad that because of Trump's Proud Stupidity, it's actually The Divided States Of America, currently), then GREAT.

It would be because The Smarter People Voted For Biden, and they at the Voting Polls actually fortunately-outnumbered The Bonebrains That Voted For Trump (because only organisms that are Dumber Than Trump actually support #PresidentFatVileRacistDespicableGreasedHog.).

However: if Trump wins, then unfortunately The Goddamned, Racist, Entitled, Infinitely-Stupid/Overly-Fertile Primates Of The Trumpian Nation Of Dumbfuckistan actually somehow outnumbered The Smarter Ones, sadly.


I've never been so fucking Disgusted in my whole life at witnessing So Much Endless Proud Trumpian Stupidity, Corruption, And Ignorance.