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For a long time,, I'm not so convinced that TrashBrain is actually really The Girl In The Photos.




Overly-Fertile Bonebrains.....

Sometimes I feel like I'm Losing Heart at daily realizing that there are a *LOT* more DUMBER (Dysfunctionally-Conservative) PEOPLE out there than I previously realized.


Depeche Mode to Alt-Right: We

An Older Article down here:


+ Depeche Mode to Alt-Right: We Are Not Your Official Band
Depeche Mode to Alt-Right: We Are Not Your Official Band

More recently, Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan harshly criticized President Trump and compared him to Hitler in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

β€œThe things that he’s saying sound very similar to what someone was saying in 1935,” he said. β€œThat didn’t work out very well! The things that he’s saying are cruel and heartless and promoting fear.”



I grew up Doing Cartoon Voices since I was a little kid.

I reeeeeally have always LOVED Cartoons, so I really wanted to Make Cartoons once I grew up.

Later, I finally realized that Cartoonists actually had to Draw MIIIIILLIONS Of Drawings!!!!!


SO: I quickly decided that Doing Cartoon Voices went much faster. Ha.

I can easily do Darth Vader. I have practiced Doing James Earl Jones for years.....


"Fuck You, Donald Trump."

That Moment when you walk past that goddamned Donald Trump PiΓ±ata that is hanging in The Dance Room, you Flick It The BadFinger, and disgustedly tell it:

"Fuck You. Bitch."


"Jerkass Cops....."

In my own personal Life Experiences, as far as I can see: I Have Never Ever Had A Bad Experience With A Black Cop, A Woman Cop, An Asian Cop...

The only horrible powertripping, jerkass cops I have ever unfortunately come across were either (some of these) White or Hispanic Cops.


"Humans Migrated From Africa?"

"Carnivorous Roommates."

Someone who insists on Eating/Cooking all sorts of Meats (bloody, raw, etc.) I find VERY hard to cope with.


That Horrible Greasyass Air while they are Cooking Meats (I can't believe I never noticed how BAAAAAD chicken fucking smells while I was growing up; before I was Vegetarian), The Unholy Stench Of Raw Funky Stuff, further, if they are Horrifically-Messy Cooks.....



Angry Little Submale Culture.

Goddamn, I sorely look dooooown on hopelessly-pathetic, angry, bratty, little, tantrumming Losers who really do seem to think that they actually are MAN ENOUGH to shoot and kill someone, but later (instead of then ensuingly Offing Themselves and giving the world A Public Service) they are NOT MAN ENOUGH to then responsibly Face The Consequences Of Their Actions.


"To Be A Man Is, Precisely, To Be Responsible." -Anyoine de Saint Exupery

Entitled Bratffluenza Culture.

I got paddled by my hot, sexy, young, twentysomething 2nd Grade Teacher for making Paper Airplanes.

Daaaaamn...I was surprised that she could smack me that hard, heh...she was so pretty and petite. XD

I think I also got paddled in 7th Grade too. I can't recall too well the details, heh...

My Parents consistently belt-whupped me and my siblings since we were kids until I was maybe about 14.

I sense a lot of those inexcusably-misbehaved Entitled Insurrectionist Bratffluenza Idiots that tantrumly-rioted The Capitol were unfortunately not blessed enough to have been properly-disciplined while they were "growing up".

They Have My Endless Sympathies...the poor brats.