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"Taking Out Jupiter Station."

"Taking Out Jupiter Station."

SCENE: U.S.S. Nagasaki; Bridge





With all waiting pilots and R.I.O.'s in each of their respective finely-tuned and meticulously-ready Strike Fighters' cockpits standing by and ready to fire up, the fleet dropped out of warp at Aurora's command-relay, just in time for Jupiter Station's joyously-sweet welcoming committee: THEIR not-as-slippery little fighters.....with perhaps overconfident interception and overwhelming engagement of the newcomers in their maybe expected.....


Communications Officer V'Mira put Survic's voice through:



*"Vice Admiral Survic to the Fleet.  Open your shuttle bays and launch fighters.  Then proceed to your destinations.  Survic Out."*   



"RED ALERT! BATTLE STATIONS! Open Shuttle Bays And Launch The Squadron Now, Down There. Activate Your Magnetic Hull Seals. Standard Engagement Maneuvers Then Surprise-Outflank Just Like We Planned. See If You All Can Evenly Break Up Their Group Formation And Divert As Many Of Them As You Can Away From The Station To Loosen Its Defense. Fully Power-Up All Cannons But *TRY ONLY TO DISABLE* Their Craft As Best As You Can. We Want No Fatalities If We Can Help It. Nagasaki: Standby Photons And Power-Up All Phaser Banks. Shields Up At Max When All Hawkwings Are Clear And Proceed To Head On In.", 4 ordered.


*"Launching Hawkwings, Sir, aye."*, came the acknowledgement from the Bay Crewman Specialist. 


4 wouldn't be flying with them today. He felt somewhat peculiar about that.


"All Hawkwings deployed, Sir, aye."


"Shields Up."


The bridge crew watched on the viewscreen as the strike fighters all quickly-sped on ahead .



It was on.


A battlezone.


Oh well.



*"Survic to 4, do your thing Major.  The Fighters are yours.  Survic Out."*



And with that, the U.S.S. Hope and the rest of the fleet were off.


"Understood, Vice-Admiral.", Lu Rod said to himself barely above a whisper as he tactfully-assessed the sitch onscreen from his Command Chair.....too bad he couldn't be out there with the Hawkwings personally this time.


He squinted his eyes and lightly stroked his chin as he watched.


The JS fighters closed in.


*"Hawkwings: Incoming Bogeys At 12:00 o'clock. Stabilize All Deflectors And Keep Your Eyes Open."*


*"Aye, Sir."*, reported H-1; his combat-proven and very competent Lieutenant Commander Ro Xio, call sign: which then she formally-relayed the directive to the other units via perpetually-enhanced communications.....


The new Borg-generation Hawkwings moved in to engage.



The Dance Of The Fireflies.



Fireflies in a warm summer Earth night.....or something like that.....


A target-rich environment indeed.....with rules of engagement in effect.....








"Miss Sanchez: Full Impulse Approach Dead Ahead On-Target, Ma'am. Increase Forward Shields."


"Dead ahead on-target, Sir. Increasing forward shields, aye.", replied the young Helmsman of the Nagasaki.



Knocking out that station's subspace transceiver array was paramount.....{and mind their Main Phase Armaments as well!}



One good phaser shot.....coupled with the special tailor-customized comm-jamming frequencies at V'Mira's fingertips would certainly throw those bogeys into uncoordinated silent chaos with minus a cohesive pattern network when kicked in at the crucial moment.....


Keep 'em all in the dark, so to speak.


Blind. Make 'em turn tail. Break their morale and will to fight.



…..or so that was the plan anyway…..


  "Let's Hope We Planned This Attack Well Considering Our Technical Readings Of JS And Our Prior Knowledge Of Their History and Past Strategies."


Sanchez said nothing. A serious one she was. Laser-focused.


Ensign Lone Night Owl, ready at the Weapons Console, quickly glanced back at 4 and quietly nodded.


The Nagasaki's shields took a hit at portside from a Jupiter fighter that got through. No damage.


Oh come on. You lucky devil.....


The Ensign quickly crippled it with a very low-grade phaser strike.


Suddenly, Lu Rod then jumped up from his seat and dashed over to the Command Intelligence console somewhat pushing Lieutenant Commander Husain aside a bit and instinctively-punched in several new Borg automatic-feed evasive sequence patterns bound for the Hawkwings' navicomputers he somehow just surprisingly-recalled from out of the blue.




Jupiter Station's turbolasers couldn't get a lock and hit them for peanuts!


Also: Survic's superiorally-flexible Hawkwings were clearly outclassing StarFleet President Trump's fighters, thanks to beaucoup overtime put in on the increased-performance and capability-enhancements of the thrust vectoring over the past few months.....not that one's opposing combatant should EVER be underestimated, of course not.


{hell, did Trump's fighters EVEN want to fight to begin with? Did they too also notice that he was slowly becoming more fascist over time?}


Trump's craft were of a decidedly-weaker alloy structure too.....not that shooting any one of them down was planned at all.


{were there possibly long-time cost-effective implemented measures fueled by GREED within the military budget compromising the efficiency of his forces? Hmmmmm.....}




SCYTHE was surprisingly kicking serious ass out there. Impressive commanding. The Hawkwings were definitely in sync.


Hey, evolution *IS* a part of the universe.....


Indeed.....still, it disturbed 4 to realize he didn't think of these impromptu evasive codes before.....was it perhaps something of a mnemonic device when in the heat of battle?


Of course.....



"V'Mira: Be Ready With Those Jamming Transmissions When We Get Close."


"Ready And Standing By, Sir."




Just.....a.....little.....closer.....and then:








Then: disarray.....noticeable disarray.....everywhere.....




The Hawkwings, with a minimum of radio chatter even, were certainly proving to be exemplarily-agile dogfighters, basically almost PLAYING with their now ultra-confused counterparts. Leading them, with versatility, little by little that the Nagasaki, now well within range and chock full of evasive patterns herself, could CLEANLY HIT the station with photons full-spread so as to weaken the shielding.....and then to finally fire a continuous heavy phaser beam at the acquired target.....and to hopefully end all of this fray A.S.A.P.....













More fireflies heading out {only this time they were red}.....and Jupiter Station was impactingly-beset all around with so many briefly-glowing red flashes. Such colours.....


"THEIR SHIELDS ARE WAY DOWN 60%.....NO, 70%....."






A powerfully-strong beam shot out from the Nagasaki's forward section and squarely-hit a clean bull's-eye, totally taking out the muchly-targeted transceiver array in a blinding explosion of bright light-orange.....


"Get Us Out Of Here, Miss Sanchez. Hawkwings: Pull Out, Repeat: Pull Out. Report Back To Nagasaki."


"Acknowledged, Sir. All units pull out, I repeat: pull out. Report to Nagasaki. We're heading back.", SCYTHE's voice was heard.


"All units intact and accounted for, Major. No casualties to report."


"Acknowledged, Commander. Thank You For Your Fine Work."




.....and from where he sat, 4 of 5 could actually see her quickly pull a brief yet undeniable incoming inversion.


4 raised an eyebrow.













Major Lu Rod

Ranking Commanding Officer

U.S.S. Nagasaki and Hawkwing Fighters

Spartan Fleet