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Hives Of Scum & Villainy.....

People used to Feel Okay With Being Open About 'Relationships And Sex', but in recent years, Some Malicious, Unconscionable, Unbelievably-Immature, Partisan Disinformation Racist Trolls (I think there is actually a more appropriate term other than 'troll') immediately jump into forums here-and-there and instantly begin Besmirching, Twisting, Tilting, And Tarnishing Other (Sincere Genuine People) Peoples' Names And Internet Identities with all sorts of Malevolent Lying And Fakeass Allegation Propaganda by twisting and manipulating Other Peoples' Shared Posted Experiences into something more Sinister And Lawless, even.

Ergo, these days, perhaps many more people simply are now more Reluctant to share anything.

Unfortunately, GothWire eventually accumulated way too many Such Vile, Malevolent, Cancerous, Racist, Entitled Barnacles once VF crapped-out, I Have Certainly Noticed.