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Oh, goddamn...the other night at around 3am, I went outside to take a whizz, heh (I live rurally out-of-town), when I suddenly saw (I had on My HeadLamp) a damn Armadillo about 5-feet away walking my way.

Shit! Scared the fuck outta me whilst Peeing!


Well, then just Stopped Still & I was just standing helpless Mid-Pee.

I finally finished and backed away a bit & then it suddenly started coming at me again, so...

I picked up a small branch & threw it at the sucker & then it quickly got scared & fucking jumped about 1-foot high & stopped.

I then just automatically started my loud Death Metal Growling and I started Making Noise and Stomping and Banging Shit and it fucking FREAKED and ran like hell outta there, heh...