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I would rather die standing then live on my knees

Gender: Female
Age: 31
Star Sign: Gemini
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: In Relationship
Height: 6'0" (183cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66kg)
Location: lincoln, lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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about me
Hi I'm Chloe. I'm irish, 5'11", naturally dirty blonde but been dying it for years, wiccan, wears a lot of black/spikes/long lacey gloves/corsets, has 6 piercings and 3 tattoos (working on more of both), fav flower is black roses, wears a lot of silver jewllery. I dispise the nhs with a passion. I'm extreamly dirty minded. I love the colours black, red, purple and silver. I'm opinionated - if you dont like my opinion fuckin get over it (I'm still right). Apparantly I'm a bloke in a womans body (hmmmm). I'm extreamly loyal and I will fight for those I love and for my beliefs. I refuse to conform, if you dont like me for who I am you can fuck off. If you want to know more then ask. Photobucket Photobucket

music, reading, going out, collecting crystals/LOTR's memrobillia, yu-gi-oh (card game an watching), watching films, writing lyrics, reading comics, playing games, ancient cultures - manily ancient Egypt, Aramotherapy, painting/drawing, making things, baking, nature.

chavs, bible preachers, fake people (have the guts to stand out and be yourself instead of conforming to society), man united, reality tv, soap operas, prejudice, people who are judgemental, users, hypocrits, a LOT of people, stupid kids who claim to be wiccan to be "cool" or to "scare people" - fuckin grow up and actually learn what being wiccan involves and stop fuckin giving people like me a bad name, cowards, people who tell me my religion is evil/ satanic etc, people who claim to be bi because its "hot" or "cool", people who start fights/arguments for no reason .... jealousy - It makes no sence to me. It just eats you up and ruins relationships. You either trust the person or you dont. If you do then you have nothing to be jealous about. If you dont then what the fuck you doing with them. If their gonna cheat they're gonna cheat and theres nothing you can do about it - and no good blaming the 3rd person either cos they would have just done it with someone else??? Your just gonna push people away. And being constantly on the other end of it isnt fuckin nice either. I dont just mean sexual relationships either - friends, family, random people

favourite music
pretty varied really. slipknot. metallica, afi, madonna, d12, eminem, korn, marilyn manson, avenged sevenfold, guns and roses, murderdolls, stone sour, wednesday 13, proof, bon jovi, nickleback. killswitch engage, rammstein, nwa, 30 seconds to mars, soil, alice cooper, kid rock, bullet for my valantine, simple plan, nine inch nails, cradle of filth, meatloaf, frankie lane....loads more i just cant be bothered to think of them






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