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Thoughts Remain Poem

As I rest myself to sleep,
I never see you here anymore,
As I walk with these wings,
I feel like I am dying with drenching tears,

Losing this confident of hoping it's you,
Conflicts the intersection of this life,
I see you standing there with no one to hold you,
You cry solo without someone hearing you.

Whisper to the air of nothing,
Something must be gone from this place,
As we walk to the water together,
You turn away from my beautiful face,

You suddenly see tears in my eyes,
As well I feel as I turn and walk in the water,
I hope that this is just a dram that we make,
Because it's starting to scare me alot,

My scars on my arm are starting to turn black,
As I dance into the night,
I see nothing but dark water,
I should just start digging up my grave
I don't need this anymore,

I keep saying "this will all just disappeared",
But it's always glued to my mind,
I really hate these feelings alot now,
I just want you beside me,
I just can't take this anymore.

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