Poem Comments


fog rose from the glacial waters
ripples bouncing off the tip of the boat
on the wind, rides a soft whisper
oh but something is always lurking
just beneath the water
off in the distance, a glimmer
Of light ever flickering its light
through these misty waters, oh how
the boat started to shake a wobble
There again in the air, her whispers
so soft and tender, like an angel
her voice I found myself captured
Come to me, she began to whisper
lay with me my jolly sailor
that my lad is when I saw her,
so beautiful and bare right here
in these murky misty waters
her hair had shined like red hot fire
and her eyes were bright green
like fine cut clean emerald diamonds
oh how I long to embrace in her beauty
make her the wife of a poor old
sailor, come to me my
love she had whispered as I leaned near the side of my boat
what are ye doing my lad!
Shouted one of the sailors
but I had fell prey to the beauty
of a red haired emerald eyed Siren, and her womanly temptations
a sailors own death
from a sirens Temptations