Chemical_Chaos69's Poetry


I found myself falling from nothing,
wind whipping around me.

below the earth opened up to consume me
blotting out all light, a void of a prison

Left here chained and screaming, placed into
the very eternal burning fire.

The torchered screams of the damned my only
company, each one a good distance
chained below in our dark coffin, chained
by the unseen holy chains of fire.
A life no longer filled with light, love or even
The smallest faint of laughter.
Just darkness and unbearable pain, not
yearning for even death, for here you won’t
find no rest for our
long lost wretched souls,


My little hopes are the little things
A shiny bright rock or a pretty fall leaf,
its finding a penny on the side walk
or a freshly picked flower by
a clear running stream, These are just
many of my little happy things
often when I see these things
I am always reminded of all
my hopes and dreams
and as long as I have them, they
make such a beautiful scene, who would of thought you
could have such beautiful things
that even the smallest makes
your very heart beat and you soul
start to sing, but these gifts are not just for me, because they
are gifts from god to all living
when your sad and down but run into a beautiful scene
that my friend is the little hopes
a gift from god, that even
a rock or a leaf as well as the flower in waiting to be picked
by the flowing stream are all signs
of just little happy things
even just the sight is enough to make my sad heart beat
and my soul at peace.


I have always felt this heap of depression
a sad and atrocious pit of self hatred
chaining me down in a darkening room
total isolation
crying and begging for peace and
oh a sweet comforting voice
but day and night I am left in this
terrifying dark depression
wandering these world of everyone
judgmental hatred
oh there voices beckoning like
Satan's choir, always reminding
me of my faults and weakness
Oh Damn this deep dark depression
a curse a plague that sweeps across
every nation, too fat, too skinny they all sing
look at her she ain't even
that pretty, my worth
Falls to shambles cause I can
hear all there whispers, and feel
there eyes like burning fire
if I had but one desire it would
be to ask god to rid me of all
this darkening deep depression
and fill me with light
peace everlasting, as one of gods
may daughters.
A beautiful pearl
that sits at the bottom. Waiting
for the closer of what it would feel
like to just have a father
even though my brain tells me
I am a horrible, ugly unwanted


Sitting on this harden dirt floor
staring at all these bones scattered on the
cracked dark dirt

No flesh nor Clothes just piles and piles
of many old dead bones
bones of many, who once wore skin
and clothes.

Oh how they thirst for that eternal
flow of life
the skin and muscle as well as clothes
impatient are all these old bones
begging and pleading for
the precious eternal flow of life

only god can regrow these bones
give them flesh and new clothes
only god can bring back these
old scattered dry bones, giving
them back there bodies
and placing them in there own
kingdom and homes
as living as I may be even I have
hungry and thirsty old bones
seeking and begging for god to
forgive me and bring me home
so I sit here crying surrounded
by all these old bones,
plant a seed for these bones and watch how god makes them grow


fog rose from the glacial waters
ripples bouncing off the tip of the boat
on the wind, rides a soft whisper
oh but something is always lurking
just beneath the water
off in the distance, a glimmer
Of light ever flickering its light
through these misty waters, oh how
the boat started to shake a wobble
There again in the air, her whispers
so soft and tender, like an angel
her voice I found myself captured
Come to me, she began to whisper
lay with me my jolly sailor
that my lad is when I saw her,
so beautiful and bare right here
in these murky misty waters
her hair had shined like red hot fire
and her eyes were bright green
like fine cut clean emerald diamonds
oh how I long to embrace in her beauty
make her the wife of a poor old
sailor, come to me my
love she had whispered as I leaned near the side of my boat
what are ye doing my lad!
Shouted one of the sailors
but I had fell prey to the beauty
of a red haired emerald eyed Siren, and her womanly temptations
a sailors own death
from a sirens Temptations


a warm day, colorful decorations,
a day of gathering, laughter and joyous

such a day exists in dreams
for thanksgiving day was always and
empty house
everything about that day was empty
no food or family everything Grey
laughter turned to silence and once

happy music now plain and sad
for many they get that joyous dream
the oh so special day
but for others thanksgiving had
always been and Empty day
a waste of time and space
no fall leaves or colorful
decorations, just a dark home, of
complete and utter isolation
for many places I had been
given many invitations,
but that doesn’t heal my pain
and separation
Laughter and music, with lots of
decorations, family with family
gathered but were all strange faces

but ill stay here in this sad
deep sensation, enjoying my lonely
Empty thanksgiving.


What is so antithetic between them,
and me, so dark but so effulgent,
in there deep-sea of red and blue,

as if there were oceans in space, all the
sea beingness swimming amongst the
comet-like geological formation of the
could I a earthborn live up there
in this patrimonial universe amongst
stars and infinite space.
Just look at there terrestrial face,
such unique and memorable features
oh the beautiful colors of there
at last and again I am only earthborn
living on a disorderly demented planet,
its no wonder my beautiful space people
one day we will all live in this
beautiful spacey area


beating the sound in my chest
speaking the voices in my head,
something not living and not dead

speaking, and beating, inside this shell
crying and screaming I hear it calling and
and pleading, begging to let it out side,

for a moment, my eyes began changing
my teeth became sharpened, my nails wont
stop growing,
oh but the moon how its
glowing, laughter around me my
anger is raising, my shell is cracking and crumbling even my spine is showing
I will end there laughter and give them
something to fear,
a beautiful shell, with a hellish
wrathful creature inside.


Horns, of all color and shapes,
blowing, blowing for our armies to come,
drumming, drumming oh the sound of war to come.

Metal to stone, and fire to steel, lets hear those
Thunderous horns, as we march into war, banging
on those deer skin drums

like a rush, right into my veins, I want to hear those horns
even my own heart just seems to beat like the drums
so my brothers and sisters let us sound those horns
beating our shields like drums
to the rhythm of war
come o brother’s and sisters
blow your horns and beat the shields like drums, for
the Rhythm of war leads us
to ever lasting eternity in Valhalla


Abundantly it comes, sprouting in many colors
blues and greens, oranges and reds as well
swiftly it flies, at times with the wind
and other times against the wind

oh how pretty those falling leaves, to be
soon swept away or buried beneath that
beautiful color of white and blue, to bury the old
and start anew, oh come
my sweet winter fleas soft on my skin
you keep me warm, from the wintry
kiss that if held for so long turns my
pale skin all red and blistery

the fire that roar, light dancing on piles
of soft white snow, the softly giggling and
dancing with caroling fun.
Oh fall has slumbered and winter has
come, now lets get together for some coffee
and snuggling fun.