Poem Comments


Sitting on this harden dirt floor
staring at all these bones scattered on the
cracked dark dirt

No flesh nor Clothes just piles and piles
of many old dead bones
bones of many, who once wore skin
and clothes.

Oh how they thirst for that eternal
flow of life
the skin and muscle as well as clothes
impatient are all these old bones
begging and pleading for
the precious eternal flow of life

only god can regrow these bones
give them flesh and new clothes
only god can bring back these
old scattered dry bones, giving
them back there bodies
and placing them in there own
kingdom and homes
as living as I may be even I have
hungry and thirsty old bones
seeking and begging for god to
forgive me and bring me home
so I sit here crying surrounded
by all these old bones,
plant a seed for these bones and watch how god makes them grow