Poem Comments


I have always felt this heap of depression
a sad and atrocious pit of self hatred
chaining me down in a darkening room
total isolation
crying and begging for peace and
oh a sweet comforting voice
but day and night I am left in this
terrifying dark depression
wandering these world of everyone
judgmental hatred
oh there voices beckoning like
Satan's choir, always reminding
me of my faults and weakness
Oh Damn this deep dark depression
a curse a plague that sweeps across
every nation, too fat, too skinny they all sing
look at her she ain't even
that pretty, my worth
Falls to shambles cause I can
hear all there whispers, and feel
there eyes like burning fire
if I had but one desire it would
be to ask god to rid me of all
this darkening deep depression
and fill me with light
peace everlasting, as one of gods
may daughters.
A beautiful pearl
that sits at the bottom. Waiting
for the closer of what it would feel
like to just have a father
even though my brain tells me
I am a horrible, ugly unwanted