Poem Comments


My little hopes are the little things
A shiny bright rock or a pretty fall leaf,
its finding a penny on the side walk
or a freshly picked flower by
a clear running stream, These are just
many of my little happy things
often when I see these things
I am always reminded of all
my hopes and dreams
and as long as I have them, they
make such a beautiful scene, who would of thought you
could have such beautiful things
that even the smallest makes
your very heart beat and you soul
start to sing, but these gifts are not just for me, because they
are gifts from god to all living
when your sad and down but run into a beautiful scene
that my friend is the little hopes
a gift from god, that even
a rock or a leaf as well as the flower in waiting to be picked
by the flowing stream are all signs
of just little happy things
even just the sight is enough to make my sad heart beat
and my soul at peace.