sixwishumbra's Poetry


something remains because I am still here
crowded in by the ghosts all standing in the door
every morning there are always the memories of the days before
heart-break songs from yesterday drone from the other doors
I can't open them but I can hear the voices
something remains when they all here
standing in the doors watching from the windows
singing softly and crowding me in


i was kept numb.
pretty fucking senseless.

too much blood in the water now
and it's hard to keep track of every explosion,

i was kept down
just like it was 1950

never been there but i can imagine it well

never been there but i been to hell.

it's surprising how many you'd know.


it's true.
i let it all go.
doesn't look as though it's gone.
but i know it is.
you should know too.
the visitors that hold you down all know.
i don't understand how they can, but they do.
it's colder than it was yesterday,
maybe because all of my friends are dead.
a few of them are still hanging in the corner.
they certainly took their skeletons along for the ride.
the empty moments left over are filling up the spaces ...
but there's a lineup,
not even jesus is on the list.


i feel worn and flat.
i think there's a problem.
something seems different about the sky,
when it breathes like it does.
i thought i was over it.

i feel flatter now than then.
i think there is an issue.
you are so far away,
and i can't touch you.

the walls are breathing
and my heart breaks every day.

crystalline children

aren't you the coolest thing i have ever seen.
my beautiful crystalline.

honoured you chose me,
please forgive the anger in me,

you've always known me.

you can read my mind evertime,
and everytime i'm down you bring me back up to the light

you keep me alive every night
i am hurt, you fix, you are all seven when i am all six
i could never ask for more than this

aren't you the coolest thing i have ever seen
my beautiful crystalline
aren't you just the most beautiful thing i have ever seen
my crystalline

my beautiful crystalline



[R]Elative ease

the white coat sport fucking junkies are trashing my ease.
they're taking the shards out of my room.
i trashed everything good about august with a little bit of the red.
once again i failed me.
the dark side of me is easy to please.
he kills so perfectly,
and with [r]elative ease.

sad i know [had to go]

it's never easy being serial
mowing down all the kids i know
it's never easy to quit you

i tune in to see your smile
space out when i see your face
somehow it's even magical

it's sad to know
i had to go
sad to know: i had to go
sad to know: i let you go

it's sad to know: i had to go
sad to know: i had to go
sad to know: i had to go

just pretend [memory]

i wish you weren't just a picture*
i wish you were really here*
such a pretty face*
such a perfect picture*
but you're not really there*
now your memory is a bloodstain on my heart*
and it won't wash away*

[i just pretend i must pretend i did not see you
just pretend she's just a painting on your wall
not really even there at all
just a pretty picture
i wish i could forget]

from the start

things seem like they've never felt before
all the thoughts are dripping down
pouring down my heart
i try to forget who they are
the thoughts
paining my heart
from the beginning
from the start
from the start
killing every one in my heart
so many memories
from the start
everyone seems to be dying
from the start

friday i'm down

I know my name but nothing else
my name is backwards
so is my head
i'm down when i should be up
just down
i don't remember anything that you do
i guess it's all the same
i just don't really seem to care
down and out