Your love life
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26 May 21 3:17 am
Where do you stand in your love life? Are you taken? Married? Screwin’ around with someone?
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26 May 21 3:20 am
Since 2006 I’ve had only 5 relationships. I’ve currently been in one for 2 years now.

If it doesn’t work out I’m never going to be in another relationships. I can’t handle heartbreak again and I don’t want to gamble with my love life anymore.
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04 Jun 21 11:11 pm *
I've been in a relationship for some years now (She's not on GG, but as my profile sincerely says since Day 1 here: I'm Not Looking.).

I'm okay with my relationship, but it certainly has not been easy. I won't elaborate on the details.
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23 Nov 22 11:06 pm
I’m in an open relationship with someone who lives in an adjacent county. I met him in high school and I really miss seeing him face-to-face
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12 Jul 23 12:19 am *
I was married for almost 20 years but Im divorced now as we are better as friends she says. Oddly we are still roommates cause we cant afford to live alone so its weird. Im too old to be divorced man I am an aspie so Im probably better off alone anyways. Love is destruction man don't ever fall in love; Ive had too many bad relationships but I have a savior complex and it ruins me...
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15 Jul 23 3:32 pm
I married my second wife five years ago. She's my best friend and very accepting of my Goth-ness. It also doesn't hurt that she's proven very willing to have some new experiences.
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23 Nov 23 3:39 pm
Single and not interested. I'm good without the drama that comes with relationships.
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15 Jan 24 5:25 am
Right now I am single after a recent bad break-up. I am hopeful that I will find love one day and be married but at the same time it's so hard to trust men.
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27 Jun 24 10:05 pm
I am ace/aro and proud