Hello world!
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06 Dec 23 4:20 am
Does anybody even use this anymore? Just logged in for the first time in...years.
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06 Dec 23 6:22 am
I'm here everyday
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10 Dec 23 3:53 am
Was it a fever dream that this website was deleted??

I was having a lil walk down memory lane, and just tried typing in the site but never expected it to be here
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11 Dec 23 12:42 am
still waiting for to upgrade this.
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11 Dec 23 1:20 am
close its was VF that was deleted for being NonGoth ...lol
Welcome Back!
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11 Dec 23 7:00 pm
I'm new here, but I'll use it as long as there are people around. I'm not gonna talk to myself on a dead forum. lol
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20 Jan 24 12:54 am
it's weird, it's like it's always active but just not constantly. new socials are just easier to update from I guess.

I'm just glad these servers are still alive.
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21 Jan 24 11:43 pm
Hello and well met.
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10 Feb 24 6:05 pm
I just made one today. i want to make new friends try something new. its time i stop living in my own shell. its nice to meet everyone. i hope to make some new friends.all over the world
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10 Feb 24 6:10 pm
Hi, Amanda!

Do you like the Don Williams version or the Merle Haggard version better?
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10 Feb 24 10:05 pm
devastatia i haven't heard of them but now i am intrigued. i listen to toby keith, morgan wallen, i love country music in genral but growing up i heard more classic rock and alternitive. i also listen to alot of marylin manson. slipnot, asking Alexandria so forth and so on. i do listen to alot of Beethoven motzark. do aplogize i am horrible at spelling
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11 Feb 24 11:49 am
Don Williams and Merle Haggard both did versions of a song named "Amanda." You've probably heard it and didn't know who sang it.

This place is kinda dead. It usually goes for weeks without a post. You can come chat with me on my website if you catch me online over there.