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22 Jul 11 6:05 pm
1. No flaming or fighting. We understand the right to freedom of speech and value the opinions of all users. If you disagree with someone or something, voice your opinions in a sensible manner, rather than insulting the user.

(Example: Do not flame (or harass) users for any reason, especially if they are new. If you don‘t agree with a thread topic, you have the right to state so and explain your reasons why. But do not start a fight. Insults and threads aimed directly at a specific user are not tolerated. Note that there is a GG Fight Club, but if Admins and Mods feel the need to intervene then further actions will follow.)

2. DO NOT post any offensive material, including pictures or videos, that contain: nudity, self harm, extremely gruesome scenes, racism or any racist text.

(Example: no female or male nudity, no cutting, no suicide, no bodily insides or fluids covering a person or thing, nothing degrading to any race.)

Note: When posting links to a picture, video or text that might be considered offensive, please give ample warning that explains what the link is about. Do not post links to pictures or videos containing nudity. Admins and Mods have the right to remove any link if necessary.

3. Please check all current threads to see if your idea is already being discussed before making a thread. Note that some forums have more than one page.

(Example: If there is already a thread open about the topic you want to talk about, post in that thread instead of making a new one.)

4. If a thread creator asks for his / her thread to get back on topic, then do so. Any off topic posts made after the creators request will be removed .

(Example: If the topic of discussion is not being discussed by users in that thread, the creator has the right to request them to get back on topic. Any users who do not comply will have there posts removed by an Admin or Mod and a warning will be issued.)

5. No spamming or promoting. Please note that your forum signature can be used for personal, but safe, links.

(Example: spamming and promoting can apply to: making self promoting threads - with or without personal links -, posting the same or similar content more than once, advertising other websites, false advertisement or posting content that doesn’t relate to the topic at hand.)

Please refer to the Terms of Service and the Frequently Asked Questions if you have any further questions. If you cannot find your answer in any of them, please contact an admin.