Criss Cross.....
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02 Mar 21 4:43 am
QUESTION: "Do You Ever CrossDress, In Some Way Somehow?"

Share/Elaborate down below if You wish.....
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02 Mar 21 7:14 am
I sometimes wear women’s pants, although it’s kinda hard to tell. And socks.
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02 Mar 21 10:53 pm
At the most....I suspect the singlets I got from VF are women's. But I don't care, they're great in summer and have really cool pictures on them. I've worn women's jackets because they're in a style I really like that you can't get in men's clothing and I have worn women's t-shirts that I brought from roller derby games. I find the cut is a bit different but if I can get my size I can still wear them! : - )
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08 Apr 21 6:52 pm
I wear my husbands/boyfriends sweat pants or shirts sometimes.. does that count?
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15 Apr 21 5:17 am
Yeah, I was actually doing it before I even realized what I had been doing, heh...

Wearing All-Black for years until I finally noticed that I owned Women's Pants and Tops.

Even My Dad was wearing Women's Sandals until I pointed it out. Heh.

Later, as My Stage Attire evolved (influenced much by Goth, Sci-Fi, Comics etc.), I started moreso using Skirts, Tops, and other thangs.