Other People's Intolerable Speaking?
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23 Mar 21 10:28 am
QUESTION: "Have You Ever Found Yourself Actually Finding It Hard To Listen To Another Person Speak Simply Because Of Their Diction/Pronunciation/Voice?


Share/Elaborate down below if You wish.....
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23 Mar 21 6:36 pm
Yes. Sometimes people are ultra-Bogany and I can't understand them. Also, the way they phrase things and choice of words is confusing. Tone's also a problem, if someone is talking really Bogany and using an abrupt tone, they might be explaining that the sky is blue but I don't wanna' listen to them. LOL
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24 Mar 21 7:04 am
Someone’s lexicon can be a huge part in why I won’t listen to them or take them seriously.
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15 Apr 21 5:08 am

Yeah, I confess that sometimes I *do* find it Fucking Hard to actually listen to some people simply because of Their Diction/Articulation/Voice.

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15 Apr 21 8:25 am
I'm sitting over here, thinking this is about me 😂 I know for a fact, people feel this way towards me 😅

But yes I've felt this way, If your voice sounds irritating to me. I'll try to drown out your noise, and I'll avoid you.
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15 Apr 21 7:48 pm
I've probably mentioned this before but, my mum made some good points back in the day but I didn't listen....it's because she didn't explain it well and sounded really 'Bogany'. Mind you in my late teens I figured it out, if a person in glasses and white lab coat were to explain it calmly and reasonably I would've listened. : - S