You Joining Social Sites.....
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13 Apr 21 7:02 am
QUESTION: "If You Choose Of Your Own Volition (whatever your reasons) To Join A Social Website, Do You Actually *OWE* (somehow?) Anyone There Anything, Certainly Interactionwise?"

Share/Elaborate (or Justify?) down below if You wish.....
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15 Apr 21 9:02 am
nope, I wouldn't say you do.

Though I personally feel like I do. That is one reason I keep my socials limited. It shouldn't be stressful but I often find myself overwhelmed by tasks I don't have to do. So I end up distancing myself... to keep from feeling a "responsibility"
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21 Apr 21 8:45 am *
I Owe No One A Damn Fucking Thing.


I Interact Only With Those I Feel Like Interacting With.

Easy Enough. No Arguments.