Your exes
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27 Apr 21 5:28 am
How do you feel about your exes? What would you say to them if you ran into them whilst going about your day?
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27 Apr 21 3:41 pm
I recently went through my Facebook memories and came across a post where she left a comment. The first thing I noticed was that she’s now unrecognizable. Not to be mean but she looks terrible with a full face of makeup. I don’t even remember what she looks like anymore, just that she had a cute face under all that makeup. Hell, I barely even remember her personality.

If I crossed paths with her I’d just hope she found someone better than me and that pedophile she left me for. I’d pretend nothing bad ever happened. She’s been through enough already.
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28 Apr 21 5:25 am

I'd Apologize for all the times I acted like a horrid, immature, vicious little shitty narvin.

I'd sincerely say that I Sincerely Hope Everything Is Going Great In Their World.

And I'd say that I really want to Return A Special Book To Carmen that she gave me long ago, and I'd like to Return A Special Portrait Photo And A Special Casper Plushie To Christina, if they want them back.
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23 Nov 22 11:09 pm
I was in an abusive relationship for many years and even when I was out of it mentally, I still couldn’t leave, but I’m finally out of it and with someone I fully consent to being with